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5 Lessons Learned from Watching ‘Game of Thrones’

August 13, 2017

When it comes to Game of Thrones, it’s tough to avoid spoilers. Hackers have released scripts and scenes from upcoming episodes. YouTubers have put up videos of those scenes without spoiler alerts before the episode was even broadcast. Fans have talked about spoilers on message boarders without warning anyone. I’ve learned this year that if you want to avoid spoilers about Game of Thrones, you have to avoid Game of Thrones until you’re ready to watch it.

But you’re safe with me. Here are some lessons I’ve learned from watching Game of Thrones (spoiler-free past Season 6).

Dysfunctional Literacy

Lesson #1- Do NOT sit on that throne. Lesson #1- Do NOT sit on that throne.

Out of all the reasons to watch Game of Thrones (violence, nudity, ripped-from-history storylines), learning life lessons isn’t one of them.  Nobody watches Game of Thrones for morality lessons.  If they do, they’re probably disappointed.

Sympathetic characters get killed in horrible ways, and villains seem to thrive.  That’s a horrible morality lesson.  But if you don’t watch with a good vs. evil perspective, Game of Thrones can give you some practical advice about how to be successful (and avoid getting yourself killed)

All of the lessons below are taken from Game of Thrones quotes.  I’m not going to explain the context of the quotes (except for a couple) because that might potentially spoil the show for somebody who hasn’t watched it yet.  But even if you haven’t watched it, you can learn from these quotes.  Plus, if you use these quotes in…

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