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What Your Reading Style Says About You. Take the Quiz!!

June 19, 2017

Quizzes aren’t so bad if there are no repercussions for wrong answers. It’s even better when there are no wrong answers at all!

Dysfunctional Literacy

The following quiz won't tell you what kind of lover you are, or how you rate as a companion. This quiz is serious! The quiz below is proof that my wife and daughters have brought way too many women’s and girl’s magazines into our house.

Reading habits can explain a lot about your personality.  Take the quiz below, keep track of the points as you go, and see what kind of reader (and human being) you really are!

A.  A friend declares that a book he/she has just read is “THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!”  What do you do?

  1. Trust your friend’s judgment and try reading the book.
  2. Tell your friend that you’ll read the book but then never get around to it.
  3. Calmly tell your friend that you know he/she has not read every book ever written so he/she is in no position to judge whether or not a book is the best ever.
  4. Tell your friend about another book that you think is “THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!” just so he or she knows how…

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From → The Repeats

  1. When I’m bored “I” like to read the “College Dictionary”, love finding a “NEW” Word, it’s like having Chocolate Tripple Cake all Day Long. Using the “NEW” discovered word in Conversations. Looking at the side of floor by me right “NOW” I see Dictionary of Economics. Michelangelo to Thomas Jefferson to Gardening Tips And “YES” I have purchased James Patterson and even Nora Roberts. My “GENRE” of Books is like the Sands in the “Ocean”. What can “I” say ……… I’m Crazy For Knowledge. Mary Jordan adding a comment from a small town of 1200 people……where people like to “Share” Recipes or know your dog or cat names. What is this Small Town, (Hico, Texas/USA). Thank “YOU” for Sharing a Moment or Two with Me.

  2. I took the quiz the first time around and got a 19 (according to my comment). I got a 21 this time, so apparently I’m becoming less altruistic as time goes by.

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