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A Mitt Romney vs. President Obama Joke

May 31, 2012


Barack Obama, 2.7m x 2.4m (2010)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama was campaigning for reelection when he made a restroom stop.  As he entered the facilities, he smelled the once familiar aroma of marijuana and discovered a group of long-haired stoners sitting in a hidden corner smoking a joint.  

The stoners stared at President Obama, frightened at the leader of the free world in their presence.  President Obama stood over them and sternly grabbed the joint. 

“Let me be clear,” President Obama said.  “You have been…uh… intercepted.” 

And with that, the president sat down with the stoners and enjoyed a moment of recreation.  

“I thought you checked this bathroom out,” one secret service agent said to another. 

“I did,” the other agent said.  “He’s been uptight lately.” 

Even after President Obama finished the joint, he continued inhaling deeply, demonstrating to his new buddies the technique of “total absorption.” 

“Mr. President, this is a restroom,” an agent warned.  “You’re totally absorbing more than just marijuana.” 

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suddenly, Mitt Romney and a couple of his own Secret Service agents entered the restroom (yeah, I know this part is far-fetched).   Mitt Romney looked with disdain upon the stoners and with disapproval at the president. 

 There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.  President Obama and the stoners expected some words of rebuke, but instead, Mitt Romney whispered something to his agents and then stepped out without using the facilities. 

Embarrassed, President Obama stormed out of the restroom and caught up with Mitt. 

“Uh… let me be frank,” President Obama said.  “I just told my Secret Service agents to arrest those young men for possession of marijuana.” 

“Of course, you did,” Mitt Romney said.  “But I told my agents to give those guys a haircut first.”

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  1. Nice. What is Mitt short for, anyway?

  2. Reblogged this on My Underwood Typewriter and commented:
    sounds right:>)

  3. Anonymous permalink

    This is less funny than the “joke” about the “fraternity intellectual.”

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