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Tough Sh*t by Kevin Smith: A Book Title Review

May 6, 2012


Kevin Smith

No, it’s not the guy who plays Iron Man; it’s Kevin Smith, the guy who wrote that movie about the comic book artist who falls in love with a hot chick who lives an alternative lifestyle. And he just wrote a book with a bad word in the title. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good by Kevin Smith 

Before Kevin Smith put the word “sh*t” in his book title, I had nothing against him.  But then he had to go and put the word “sh*t” in his book title, and I resent that.  It’s not about me being a prude.  I’m not a prude, and I don’t have to cuss to prove it.  I wrote BEST PORN JOKES EVER, so I don’t have to prove that I’m not a prude. 

Using profanity in a book title is a shock device that authors need to grab readers’ attention.  Unknown authors need that device.  Otherwise, books written by unknown writers will flounder in obscurity with all the other bland prose out there in the publishing universe. 

But Kevin Smith is a famous guy.  A famous guy shouldn’t have to use a shock technique to sell books.  It’s a selfish thing for a famous guy to do.  Every book title with profanity in it (Sh*t my Dad Says, Go the F*ck to Sleep, @ssholes Finish First) dilutes the effectiveness of the shock technique.  Some poor unknown schlub author with a cuss word in his book title is going to lose readers because a famous guy who didn’t need to use cuss words in his book title used a cuss word.  

Just because his last few movies haven’t been very good and his Batman comics sucked doesn’t mean Kevin Smith should have used the word “sh*t” in his book title.  Then again, in his Batman graphic novel, he let his name be way bigger than Batman’s name on the book cover, so obviously Kevin Smith doesn’t understand boundaries.

 Nobody’s name should be bigger than Batman’s on a Batman book cover.  Bob Kane’s name was never bigger than Batman’s on a Batman book cover, and Bob Kane created Batman. 

So who the hell does Kevin Smith think he is, anyway? 

And don’t  try to defend Kevin Smith with any garbage about Kevin Smith not controlling the content of a graphic novel book cover; if President Bush can be blamed for a “Mission Accomplished” banner on a ship, then Kevin Smith can be blamed for his name being bigger than Batman’s on a Batman graphic novel book cover. 

Did you get that, Kevin? 


Phew….  Deep breath… phew! 

Aw, it’s not Kevin Smith’s fault.  I really wanted to see The Avengers this weekend, and I couldn’t, and I’m really bummed out about it. 

Maybe I’ll read Kevin Smith’s book in a couple weeks.

  1. Smith has had trouble over the last few years figuring out what people want to him. I think this is further evidence of that. I think he believes people respond to the vulgarity he uses, not the other things he says. Couldn’t be into Zack & Miri due to the over use of the P word. It’s like “Get a thesaurus!”.

    • If his book has a section where he honestly explores what you’re talking about (losing his connection to the audience), the book might be worth reading. I don’t know because I just saw the book cover and got mad at the title. Maybe I’ll be more open-minded after I see The Avengers.

  2. Now I want to read Kevin Smith’s comics.

    • They’re easy to find. Go to the Batman section of the graphic novels and find the one with the name KEVIN SMITH in giant block letters at the top of the cover and a tiny picture of Batman underneath.

  3. Frankly, I fall on the other side of the scale – is sh*t really still a swear word? (I’m only censoring it for your delicate sensibilities. 😉 ) Having grown up in a French Canadian household, the word strikes me as no more vulgar than its supposedly less offensive alternatives, like “poop.”

    Poop, does happen to be a funnier word, but everything in its context, I guess.

  4. Swearing for swearing’s sake is a pretty lame device. If you’re going to swear, do it with style. Also, in response to Skinner, poop is a much funnier word. Well put.

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