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Politicians Say Stupid Things, But So Do I

March 21, 2012
President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...

Back in 2007 when then Senator Joe Biden said something really stupid about then Senator Barack Obama, I predicted Biden’s political career was done! And then he became vice-president. I’m still not sure if I was proven right or not. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politicians say stupid things.  Rick Santorum recently said something stupid about unemployment.  Mitt Romney recently said something stupid about grits and southerners.  President Obama said something stupid about Rutherford B. Hayes and technology.  On any given day, you can make a list of politicians and the dumb things they say. 

I don’t hold it against politicians when they say stupid things.  They talk for about 12 hours a day, and almost every word is recorded, so in all that footage, any person is going to slip.  If somebody followed me around all day recording everything I said, I would make Joe Biden look like a genius. 

That’s why I like writing.  With writing, I can revise and edit my statements.  If I compose something stupid, I can go back later and change it.  I have complete control, and my impulses have almost no influence on me in the long term. 

But real life isn’t that kind. 


I was at the grocery store with my daughter after work, and we had found what we thought was the shortest check out line.  There was an old lady fumbling through her purse getting ready to pay, so I thought I was home free.  The other customers were in longer lines while I had myself a clear shot at a quick exit. 

I had just placed all my groceries on the belt when I looked up and realized…. The old lady was writing a check. 

I was so shocked that I said to my daughter, “Damn!  It’s been years since I’ve seen anybody write a check in a grocery line.” 

My daughter looked at me horrified.  The cashier looked at me horrified.  The old lady looked at me cranky and began to write more slowly on purpose (I have no proof it was on purpose, but I’m pretty sure it was, and I actually respect her for it) and kept me in line for another few minutes.  Well played, old lady.  Well played. 

If I were a politician, I would have been called insensitive to the poor, insensitive to the technologically backward, and even worse, insensitive to elderly women, because if there’s one demographic group guaranteed to vote, it’s old ladies.  

I cannot blame politicians for saying stupid things.  They talk all day, probably non-stop.  I interact with maybe five people on any given day, and I still messed up one of my interactions, so when politicians say something stupid, I’m not going to hold it against them anymore. 

Now I will still hold it against politicians when they propose and legislate stupid policies, but… that’s for another time.

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  1. Haha nicely done.

    • Thank you! It was a humbling experience, especially since I had just heard a politician on the radio say something stupid and I had been mocking the politician for his stupid words… only then to utter my own stupid words.

      • You’re welcome! I think I found it doubly hilarious because I just spend the day at our state capitol–in both the House and Senate…and I don’t know how many stupid things came out of my mouth just trying to make awkward conversation…I don’t know how they do it. New respect…along with some new frustrations, but hey. We’re all human, like you said.

  2. Judy permalink

    Since I’m a little old lady by anyone’s standards, I can almost guarantee that the old lady intentionally began to write more slowly. It’s one of the joys left in our lives! Incidently, I particularly enjoyed this article. It gave me a real laugh, not just a pleasant smile.

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