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How to Avoid Getting Pranked: A Joke about April Fools’ Day

March 8, 2012
A salt mill for sea salt.

Salt? Or sugar? On April Fools' Day, you never know for sure unless you try it. Image via Wikipedia

It was April Fools’ Day morning, and word spread throughout the college frat house that the fraternity intellectual was throwing up all over the place and that he might be contagious.  The frat boys were readying their April Fools’ Day pranks, but quickly decided it would be best to leave the intellectual alone while he was sick. 

The April Fools’ Day jokes continued for everybody else.  Somebody put itching powder in the frat president’s toilet paper.  The frat smooth talker (with the ladies) got KY jelly in his saline solution.  The frat hunk got set up with a hot babe who turned out to be a dude (and there was great frat boy hilarity when the hunk discovered this).  Everybody in the house fell victim to an April Fools’ Day prank, everybody except the frat intellectual. 

It was very late that night when the hunk and the smooth talker confronted the intellectual in his bedroom.  The intellectual was working on an intellectual project with another intellectual (one who didn’t live in the frat house). 

“Feeling better, are you?” the smooth talker asked suspiciously. 

“Whatever do you mean?” the intellectual responded. 

“It’s convenient that you’re feeling better, now that April Fools’ Day is over,” the hunk said.  “You’re the only guy in the house that didn’t get pranked.” 

“It seems that is the case,” the intellectual said. 

“I know what you did,” the hunk continued.  “You just pretended to be sick so that the rest of us would leave you alone.” 

“That is an interesting theory,” the intellectual said slowly. 

“Well played,” the smooth talker exclaimed.  “You pulled the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank.  You’re like super-ninja kung-fu April Fools’ Day Zen master, using passive defensive prank tactics so that we would leave you alone and you wouldn’t have to retaliate against us.  I bow down to your awesomeness.” 

Even the hunk agreed that the intellectual was brilliant, and both bowed to the intellectual before leaving his room. 

“They’re right,” the visiting intellectual said.  “That was a genius strategy to avoid April Fools’ Day conflict.” 

“As long as they think that,” the intellectual replied, shaking his head.  “I actually threw up this morning because somebody replaced the sugar on my cereal with salt.”

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  1. Ripley Snell permalink

    This is not funny.

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