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Mailing It in- A United States Post Office Joke

February 16, 2012
English: United States Post Office on VT Route...

This might not be one of the post offices getting closed down, but it looks like it could use some renovations. Image via Wikipedia


A demolition crew was getting ready to tear down a recently closed United States Post Office when a member of the crew ran out from the building to his foreman. 

“Sir, you can’t blow up the post office yet,” the demolition guy said to his boss.  “There are still a bunch of postal workers in there walking around aimlessly like zombies.” 

“Why are they in there?” the foreman asked, exasperated.  “They’re not protesting, are they?” 

“They don’t know they’ve been laid off, sir,” replied the demolition guy.  “The government sent their termination notices in the mail last month, but the postal workers haven’t gotten them yet.”


Yeah, I might get accused of mailing this one in.

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