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Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s Forty! A Leap Day Joke

February 4, 2012
These common thin, stick-shaped candles are st...

You know you're getting up there when you count the candles, multiply times four, and can't figure out your age. Image via Wikipedia

Having a birthday on February 29 was always kind of tough, but this year a Leap Day birthday boy was having an especially difficult 40th birthday.

In the morning, his two teenage kids kept saying that they were older than he was (because it was only his tenth Leap Day birthday), and that got old really quickly.  While he was at work, the 40-year old Leap Day birthday boy kept thinking about the significance of 40, and he contemplated his place in the universe and wondered if he had contributed anything worthy by his life’s likely halfway point. 

Then when he returned home from work, his wife surprised him with a party and a “Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s 10!” birthday cake. 

The 40-year old Leap Day birthday boy flipped out, yelling, “I’m not 10!  I’m not 10!  I’m 40!  Quit calling me 10!” 

And with that, he stormed out, ran into the bedroom, and slammed the door. 

The Leap Day birthday boy’s wife was quite embarrassed.  “I can’t believe this is how he acts on his 40th birthday,” she complained. 

“You’re lucky your husband’s birthday is on Leap Day,” her best friend said.  “My husband’s birthday is on a normal day, and when he turned 40, he bought a shiny new sports car and ran off with his secretary.”

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  1. Very funny! I hope this Leap Day boy, uh, Man, is member of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. We’re 10,000 strong world wide. I’m going to be 13… again. The first time I turned 13 I was entering puberty. This time I’m turning 13 and leaving puberty! Whew, thank God too! lol

    Hey, Leap Happens. Every four years. Learn more about this fun group of Eleapists at We help educate the world about what it is and why it is.

    Leap On!

    I Leap, therefore I am,
    Raenell Dawn,
    the Leap Day Lady
    it’s not just our birth day, it’s everyone’s extra day, do something good with it!

  2. Okay, let me get this straight. You’re turning 13 (Happy birthday!)… in 2012… in a year when there are 3 Friday the 13ths… that are 13 weeks apart. I hope you’re not superstitious.

    I don’t think our Leap Day birthday boy is part of the Eleapist society, but he could probably use the support.

  3. Well you just get that Leap Day birthday boy signed up with us and we will just make him feel all warm and Leapy! We have a facebook page too if you think he’d like to look at that first. And hey, if he wants to be 40 let him be 40. Guess he’s not gonna want our 10@40 t-shirt ;~D And no, I’m not superstitious. In the words of Stevie Wonder: Superstition ain’t the way :~D

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