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An End of the World Joke

October 22, 2011

“REPENT, THE END IS NEAR!!” a grizzled old man yelled from the top of a bench in a popular public park.  “THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!” he kept shouting. 

A radio preacher walked by and stopped to watch the old man’s performance.  When the old man was catching his breath, the radio preacher said, “You need to get with the times.  Instead of preaching from a park bench, you need to get on the radio, start a web site, and then predict when the world ends every once in a while.  It’s a great way to get publicity, and you don’t have to scare little kids in the park.” 

After screaming “REPENT!” at a young couple who hurried away, the old man calmly turned to the radio preacher and said, “Predicting the exact day the world ends is counter productive.  When you’re wrong, everybody laughs at you.  When you’re right, there’s no one around to brag to.” 

Then the old man jumped from the bench and said, “Come with me, and let us enjoy our final minutes together.”  The old man went to a vendor, bought a couple hot dogs, and sat back down on the park bench with the radio preacher. 

As they were enjoying their snack, a fire ball flashed down from the Heavens and smashed into the earth.  Cities were burned.  Countries were flooded.  The earth was thrown off its orbit, causing instant catastrophe. 

The old man calmly ate his hot dog while the world perished in its final moments of chaos.  The radio preacher turned to the old man and exclaimed, “You knew this was going to happen today?  Why didn’t you tell anyone?” 

The old man took his last bite and said, “Nobody would have believed me.”

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