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Bank Robbing Stripper and Her Brothers Get Caught, Confess to Doing It

August 11, 2011

The stripper bank robber and her two younger brothers had made headlines all week with their cross-country crime spree, but now they were finally caught.  Their car was crashed off the highway.  The three alleged criminals were in custody.  There was no doubt about their innocence or guilt, but one question still lingered in the minds of the police officers who had captured them.  The part-time topless dancer and her brothers had a reputation of being close, but nobody knew how close they really were.  Had the two brothers ever crossed the line into inappropriate intra-family behavior with their hellion sister? 

The world had to know. 

“They crossed enough state lines,” one police officer was overheard saying.  “I bet they crossed that line too.” 

The police officers argued about whether or not this inappropriate behavior had ever occurred.  All of them were uncomfortable enough with the subject matter not to have DNA evidence collected, so finally one of the best interrogators agreed to ask the brothers about the topic.  The officers made quick wagers, and the lead interrogator approached the two brothers who were sitting in the back of a squad car. 

After a few awkward initial questions, the interrogator finally asked, “Did you guys  ever… uh, … do it with your sister?” 

“Hell yeah, I did it with my sister,” one of the brothers said.  “We did it all together.” 

The cops laughed, and money changed hands. 

But the police officer wasn’t done with the interrogation yet.  “What exactly did you do… with… your sister?” 

“We robbed the banks together,” the brother said.  “We shot at cops together.  We even cut off my sex offender ankle bracelet together.” 

“Listen carefully.  This is very important,” the cop said slowly.  “Did you ever… do… it… with… your sister?” 

Once the two brothers understood what the cops were asking, they were horrified.  They yelled out, “No!  No!” with lots of profanity mixed in.  The cops recognized their disgust as sincere, and money again switched hands. 

“That’s the line you won’t cross?” one police officer asked, exasperated.  “You’re okay with everything on your rap sheet, but this is what disgusts you.” 

“She’s 29,” one brother explained with indignation.  “I’m 21.  Where we’re from, she’s old enough to be my mother.”

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