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Race Relations and Politics in a 1970s Comic Book

October 11, 2020

Politics and race relations are two things I don’t want to talk about , but sometimes that stuff just gets right up in your face.

I was going through my old beat up comic books, and I found this issue of Captain America and The Falcon from 1971. Sure enough, it’s about race relations and politics. All that’s left out is religion and abortion.

Even though things seem crazy today, reading stuff from the past reminds me that things have always been crazy. Maybe we weren’t inundated with the craziness as much because we didn’t have access to social media and 24-hour news/commentary/fear mongering, so we didn’t see it as much if we weren’t looking for it.

When you read stuff from the past, however, you can see that, yeah, things have always been weird.

Here’s a quick video review of a comic book from 1971.

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