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The Dumbest Superman Story I’ve Ever Read!

July 19, 2020

I was ten years old when this book came out, and I looked like that kid on Superman’s back.  I had the floppy red hair and high water jeans.  Now I’m bald, but that hair was nice while it lasted.

Maybe I’m a little too harsh with this Superman story that I am reviewing.  Even though this cover picture is from 1975, the story that I’m reviewing was originally published in 1947.  I always say that we can’t judge old culture by today’s standards, but then I reviewed this Golden Age Superman story by using the somewhat high standards that I had for comic books in the 1970s.

At any rate, I thought that this Superman story was kind of dumb, even when I was ten years old.  But it was still fun to read.


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  1. What if super hero uses Bulk WhatsApp Blaster to send messages to fans?

    • That might be dumb (I don’t know anything about the Bulk WhatsApp Blaster), but it’s not as dumb as Superman bragging about a FIST-O-GRAPH!

  2. As I mentioned on your YouTube video, it’s interesting that this story, of all the others that could have been chosen, was deemed worthy of a reprint in one of those over-sized specials they did back in the ’70s. I remember them well. Makes you wonder about all the other stories from the ’40s. Maybe a case can be made for most Superman stories being garbage back then, circa 1940 to 1950 or so.

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