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How To Prevent Writer’s Block

October 24, 2018

Step #1- Don’t put your work-in-progress on top of the writer’s block. (image via wikimedia)

One problem with writer’s block is that most of the cures are really vague.  Some of the advice like “Write anything, even if it’s garbage” isn’t bad, but if your mind is already blank, that strategy might not be helpful.

In the video below, I explain how to prevent writer’s block in the first place.  I don’t give vague advice, like “Write drunk, edit sober” (which also isn’t that bad of an idea).  I tell you exactly what I do, and I think my advice works because I almost never get writer’s block.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather prevent a problem than deal with a problem.  You can’t prevent every problem in your life, but if you follow a couple steps, I think you can prevent writer’s block.

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  1. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to even think of a topic.

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