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Donald Trump’s Reading List

February 6, 2017
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This might be a short article. (image via wikimedia)

President Donald Trump doesn’t read books.  At least that’s what everybody says.  I don’t trust what everybody says anymore because everybody seems to be wrong all the time.  Everybody said that Donald Trump would never be president, but everybody was wrong about that.

That’s one thing I’ve learned recently; everybody is an expert, but nobody really knows what they’re talking about.

Maybe President Trump reads all the time and just doesn’t tell anybody.  That sounds like something he might do.  He might read a lot of books but doesn’t tell anybody because he doesn’t want his opposition to know what he’s thinking.  That sounds like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump tweets a lot too, but nobody knows if he reads anybody else’s tweets.  You can write and send tweets out without reading anybody else’s, but that’s rude, and that also sounds like something Donald Trump might do.

President Trump writes a bunch of executive orders.  I hope he reads everything that he writes.  That’s kind of important.  Sometimes the executive orders are unclear, so maybe he needs to read what he writes more clearly.  I understand that.  I make mistakes on my blog all the time.  But if I make a mistake on my blog, it doesn’t change anybody’s life.  It doesn’t even change my life.

Even if President Trump doesn’t read books, I’m not bashing him for it.  When President Obama put out his summer reading list , I accused him of being pretentious.  His book list included a bunch of literary fiction that people usually aspire to read to but can’t quite get to.  There weren’t any Stephen King or JK Rowling books on his reading list (at least not on the list I saw), so I don’t trust the authenticity of a summer reading list that doesn’t have anything mainstream.

President Trump should put out a reading list just to make authors angry.  Authors don’t like him, and they would probably be offended if Donald Trump recommended any of their books.  They’d probably be afraid of being lumped in with white nationalists and alt-right and would freak out.  Authors with books on Trump’s reading list would have to publicly disavow President Trump more than they already do.  I’m not sure how they could do that.  You can write only so many open letters.

President Obama used to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket every year, but I don’t think President Trump is going to do that either.  Filling out brackets of 64 requires a lot of time, and he might not be done with his executive orders by tournament time.  Then again, the way he writes executive orders, he could fill out a bracket in under five minutes.  And if his bracket doesn’t win, he could say the system is rigged.  If his bracket DOES win, his opponents can blame the Russians (or the officiating).

That’s one thing Trump supporters and Trump opponents can agree on; the officiating sucks. Basketball officiating always sucks.

Donald Trump says he likes reading All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque.  It’s a classic, and it’s an anti-war book, so if you’re worried about President Trump starting World War III, maybe you can take comfort that he reads an anti-war novel about World War I.  It might not be much, but it’s a start.

President Trump’s Reading List:

The Bible– by God

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

More pending?


What do you think?  How many books should be on a presidential reading list?  If President Trump put your novel on his reading list, would you disavow it?

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  1. It’s always going to be problematic for someone with so much power to issue a reading list – it will be picked over and analysed and from it conclusions will be drawn about their views. I mean, I’ve read the Da Vinci Code but I’m not a Harvard ‘symbologist’, a radical Catholic … or a killer albino monk.
    But a leader of the ‘free world’ having Hitler on his night stand as a littel light bedtime reading? Hmm. Not entirely comfortable with that one.

  2. Good premise. Trump wouldn’t talk about the books he reads because reading is boring, bigly.

  3. See, I have a hard time believing he’s even read the two books he claims to have read.

  4. Just found your blog. So glad I did. I needed a good laugh!

  5. michaelmcmx permalink

    Trump supporters don’t or can’t read. Plus they don’t travel. Like most Americans, liberals too, Americans are geographically challenged. Trump has a lot of dysfunctional attributes like his supporters.

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