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The Best of Everything 2016

December 19, 2016
This might not be the best, but it's at least best-selling.

This might not be the best, but it’s at least best-selling.

With the year 2016 coming to an end, the bombardment of “Best of…” lists has begun.  It’s the go-to of lazy writing.  When in doubt about a possible topic in December, desperate writers can just do a “Best of…” list.  These are easy to write, but there are too many out there to actually read them all.

To spare you the effort, here is a group of “Best of…” lists already compiled for 2016.  Now that you have the chance to read the lists you’re interested in, you can ignore the rest of the lists that you are certain to run across.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know that judging something as “the best” is subjective.  When it comes to stuff like “Best Books of the Year,” nobody can truly judge that because everybody’s opinions are different.  Plus, nobody has read every book that has come out this year.   But that doesn’t stop some of us from coming up with our own lists or from reading them either.

Also, using the word everything in the title “The Best of Everything” is hyperbolic on my part.  Of course, I can’t cover the best of “everything.”  I can cover the best of a lot of stuff, but the phrase “The Best of A Lot of Stuff” doesn’t sound dramatic enough to use as a title.  Readers can usually forgive hyperbole in a title if it’s explained in the article.

So in order to save you a lot of time over the next couple weeks when all the “Best of…” lists come out, here is…


The Best Books of 2016- Publishers Weekly

The Best-Selling New Releases of 2016- Amazon

The Best Television Shows of 2016- Variety

The Best Songs of 2016- Rolling Stone Readers Poll

Best Albums of 2016- Billboard

The Best Movies of 2016- NY Times Critics

The Best New YouTube Channels of 2016- Indie Wire

The Best (Most Popular) YouTube Videos of 2016- Buzzfeed

The Best Cars of 2016- Car and Driver

The Best New Tech of 2016- Popular Science

The Best Video Games of 2016- The Guardian

The Best (or Most Googled) Memes of 2016- Time

The Best Fast Food Restaurants of 2016- MSN

The Best (Most Addictive) Websites of 2016-Livewire

The Best (Most Amazing) Scientific Discoveries of 2016- Listverse

The Best (Most Notable) New Words in the Oxford Dictionary- The Telegraph

By the time you’ve read through all of these 2016 “Best of…” lists, you might not be an expert in everything, but you’ll have a layperson’s knowledge about everything.  You’ll have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.  Even better, you’ll be ready for the Predictions for 2017  lists that will be coming out next.


Just so you know, here is The Best Ebook That I Published in 2016.

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  1. I much prefer “worst of” lists. And how about a list of “sort of OK, if you like that kind of thing”?

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