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Morgan Freeman Praised for Calling Obama Critics Racist

September 25, 2011
Morgan Freeman, Academy Award-winning American...

Morgan Freeman was the voice of God in some movie and played the President of the United States in some other movie. Image via Wikipedia

A Hollywood mogul gathered a bunch of actors, writers, and producers together to talk about declining profits. 

“We need to be careful about alienating our audience when we talk about politics in public,” the mogul said.  “It’s okay to say what you think, but try not to directly insult Republicans.  They have money, and if they get mad and stop seeing our movies, then we lose money.  We might not like Republicans, but we love Republican money.” 

Before the Hollywood actors, writers, and producers could react, the mogul continued quickly, “I’d like to give a shout-out to Morgan Freeman for saying that critics of President Obama have racist motives.  That kind of truth-to-power is important to our freedom of speech.  Great job!” 

The mogul made an awkward fist pump gesture, and the meeting adjourned to other matters, like remakes of movies that hadn’t been remade yet, comic books and toys that hadn’t been turned into movies yet, and mediocre sit-coms that hadn’t been turned into movies yet. 

A bunch of actors, writers, and producers surrounded the mogul and demanded answers.  “How come you say we have to be careful about how we talk about politics, but then you praise Morgan Freeman?” they asked. 

“I might not be a Republican, but I’m not taking any chances,” the Hollywood mogul said.  “I just don’t want Morgan Freeman to get mad at me and call me a racist.”

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  1. I agree with Morgan 100%.

  2. I agree with Mr. Freeman and wish more individuals had the guts to speak out the way he did.

  3. Ryan Kantor permalink

    Those same people he calls racist just voted for Herman Cain in the FL straw poll. Just saying…

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