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Wall Street Protests Go National- A Hiker’s Critique

October 6, 2011

A hiker was passing through a Midwestern town when he noticed a small protest outside the local City Hall.  Curious, the hiker stopped at the gathering and asked a few of the young adults holding signs what was going on. 

“We’re protesting Wall Street,” one youth said.  “It’s their greed that caused this recession, and it’s their fault I can’t find a job.  We’re coordinating protests like this nationwide to show our support for those who stand up to Wall Street.” 

“You call this a protest?” the hiker said, looking at the dozens of people meandering in front of television cameras.  “This isn’t a protest.  This is hanging out on a nice day.” 

Before the protestors could get upset, the hiker continued, but with more passion.  “It’s not truly a protest if the people you’re speaking out against don’t notice you, and the Wall Street robber barons don’t care about a few street gatherings in Pleasantville.  If you want Wall Street to notice you, you need to go to Wall Street, get into people’s faces, and shut that city down.” 

“But we’re unemployed,” a protestor said.  “We can’t afford to even go to Wall Street.” 

“That’s never stopped me,” the hiker said, with great righteousness.  “I’m unemployed, and I went to Europe to protest America’s illegal wars.  I went to Wisconsin to protest budget cuts.  I went to Washington D.C. to protest Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I’ve had to travel many miles in my short life, but I’ve always found a way to get around the world to speak out against injustice.” 

The protestors were amazed by this young hiker.  “How do you manage to travel the world to protest if you have no job?” they asked. 

The hiker shrugged and said casually, “My dad’s a Wall Street banker.”

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