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Justice Anthony Kennedy and Obama’s Health Care Law

September 30, 2011
English: Justice Anthony Kennedy, 2009.

Justice Anthony Kennedy: “That Obama health care bill is… how long again?” Image via Wikipedia

United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was in a foul mood, and two of his aides knew why. 

“It’s that health care law that the Supreme Court is going to rule on,” one aide said to the other.  “The other eight Justices already know how they’re going to vote before they’ve even heard the case.  The four conservative Justices will say that President Obama’s health care law is unconstitutional, and the four liberals will decide that it’s fine, and that leaves Justice Kennedy as the deciding vote.” 

“No wonder the pressure’s getting to him,” the other aide said in awe.  “He’s the one man who will singlehandedly decide the fate of the entire country.” 

“That’s not what’s getting to him,” the first aide corrected, but with equal awe.  “He’s the one man in this country who will actually have to read the entire health care bill.”

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