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Libyan Rebels Humiliated by Gadhafi’s Condoleeza Rice Scrapbook

August 28, 2011

Moammar Gadhafi was on the run, and Libyan rebels had overtaken his compound, so the victorious rebels did what rebel mobs now do when they take over the living quarters of a long-standing dictator; they searched for his porn. 

First they found the Paris Hilton porn, but they threw it out because it was old and they had already seen it.  Then they found the Kim Kardashian porn, but they threw that out because they didn’t want to get sued.  As they were digging through Gadhafi’s stuff, they found a family-friendly scrapbook filled with pictures of former United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.  Page after page was filled with photographs of Moammar’s favorite “darling black African woman.” 

“A Condoleeza Rice scrapbook?” the rebel leader screamed.  “For forty years Gadhafi has suppressed us with murder, embarrassed us with his feminine wardrobe, and mocked us with bad plastic surgery.  Now, he has put together a Condoleeza Rice scrapbook? This is the final humiliation! 

“Death to the man who makes Condoleeza Rice scrapbooks!” the rebel leader shouted, firing his gun into the air. 

A follower began firing his own gun, shouting, “Death to the man who makes… Wait!  What is humiliating about admiring Condoleeza Rice?” he asked the leader. 

“Nothing,” said the leader.  “Death to the man who makes scrapbooks!”

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